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Bungie 'looks forward' to discussing Destiny for PC in future

No PC version at launch due to resource restrictions

Bungie may have over 500 people working on the four console versions of its next game, Destiny, but even a team that size would be hard pressed to add a fifth platform - the PC - to that list.

That was the message from design lead Lars Bakken when quizzed by Eurogamer on the omission of PC for what would seem to be an ideal game on the mouse/keyboard platform.

Releasing a PC version is "not that simple", Bakken said. "I wish it was that simple. It's pretty complicated. That doesn't mean it can't happen in the future, it just means it won't happen right now," he added, offering at least some hope that a PC version may emerge in future.

Bungie is handling development on all four versions - PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 - in-house. This, despite the enormous development team, means the developer is already pushed to its limit.

"The console SKUs are really important for us and that's what we're focusing on," Bakken said. "We're doing it all internally ourselves. That's a huge endeavour. That's not something we've ever done before. Adding another thing on there is just crazy. It's crazy to think of right now."

Bungie COO Pete Parsons mirrored Bakken's sentiment. "This is a huge and ambitious project for us, and just getting it on one console would be a momentous challenge. Getting it on four on the same day is something we've never even tried before. We wanted to get it right, and we didn't want to add in tonnes more risk."

Parsons also offered hope for PC players in future. "I look forward to our future conversations around PC," he said. "We love the PC. We hear it too. We ask the question of ourselves."

CVG published a new hands-on Destiny preview today, along with a lengthy preview video featuring gameplay details and impressions.

Bungie has also released a new 7-minute gameplay video of the game in action.


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