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Blacksite: Area 51 trademark registered by Warner Bros

Filing suggests possible reboot is on the cards

Warner Bros Interactive has filed an intent-to-use trademark for Blacksite: Area 51 in the US.

The trademark, spotted by a NeoGAF member, was filed on April 23 and registers Warner Bros as the owner of the Blacksite: Area 51 IP, previously owned by Midway Games.


Warner Bros acquired the majority of Midway's assets in 2009 in a deal worth around $49 million. It has already released games based on these assets - for example, a Mortal Kombat game - but this is the first instance of the Blacksite: Area 51 IP resurfacing.

Released in 2007, Blacksite: Area 51 was a first-person shooter in which players form an assault on the US military's infamous Area 51 site after it's taken over by alien creatures discovered in Iraq.

Although it was memorable for its biting political commentary on the war in Iraq, Blacksite was met with a lukewarm response, with CVG's review branding it "the most 'alright' game we've ever played".

Shortly after the game's release, its creative director described its development process as "so f****ed up" in a candid post-mortem on the game, stating: "We got hammered so hard, and we deserved it."



The most 'alright' game Steve Hogarty's ever played