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Video: Bungie details Destiny's Co-Op Strike missions

A new video for Bungie's upcoming MMO-like first-person shooter Destiny has been released and showcases the game's 'Co-op Strike' missions.

The video features members of the Bungie team detailing the mission type, which is a cooperative scenario that drops Fireteams into different areas and pits them against large waves of enemies and, eventually, a boss. If players manage to defeat the enemies and survive the onslaught they are are rewarded with items and equipment drops.

Bungie has indicated it is in the final stages of development for Destiny, which will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9. A public beta test period is planned to begin before the proper release.

We recently got hands-on time with Bungie's ambitious new title and your can get our impressions of the game in our Destiny preview.

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