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Work with Microsoft on Below a 'best-case scenario', Capy says

Studio reveals more details on roguelike exploration game

Capybara Games president Nathan Vella has defended Microsoft's approach to indie developers, at least as it pertains to their work together on Below.

Vella told Edge that Microsoft is frequently criticized, sometimes deservedly, for not working toward the best interest of indie studios. But that hasn't been the case in their relationship.


"They understand the goals of the game and of the company, instead of trying to shove us in a direction that would benefit them a little more and us a little less," Vella said. "[This is] the best-case scenario for both the project and the studio. It represents a positive shift in big publishers [and] companies understanding the way that independent developers develop games."

Capy also offered Edge some new gameplay details for Below: players will explore screen-filling procedurally generated areas, though they will also wander through pre-made regions at certain points.

Players will need to use their better judgement before getting in fights: a brief scrap in Below can result in a bleeding wound, which players must use materials to tend to outside of combat. They will also find their combat options limited by what their character can carry in their arms and on their backs, rather than swapping through a range of weapon sets like in Diablo.

Characters who succumb to their wounds are gone for good, though much like ZombiU their progress and their backpacks will remain where they fell for the next one to find.

Capybara confirmed that Below will release on Steam as well as Xbox One in a trailer published earlier this month.