Resogun DLC teased with image

'You're going to need some balls,' Housemarque suggests

Housemarque has released an image teasing upcoming Resogun DLC.

Housemarque confirmed plans to release Resogun DLC in January, and it has previously referred to the content as an "expansion" for the PS4 side-scrolling shooter.

The new teaser image says, "You're going to need some" and features images of ball-like objects.


In May 2013, Housemarque said it was working on a second PS4 game . Previous teases have suggested the mystery title could be a Dead Nation sequel.

In our Resogun review, we called the game "one of the most exciting, lavishly produced twin-stick shooters" in history.

We added: "It has never felt quite this sublime to blow up enemies with spaceship fire. Next-gen lighting and particle effects ensure that discharging your fully charged Overdrive blast makes you feel like the smiting hand of Thor himself. Even your normal guns ramp up in excitement briskly as you amass upgrades."