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Who is the most popular games personality on Twitter?

CVG lists the most popular Twitter accounts by follower number

Everyone and their dog has a Twitter account these days (in fact, some dog accounts are the best), including many prominent professionals within the games industry.

It makes perfect sense for an industry built on interaction to take an active role on social media. It encourages more direct communication and allows fans to keep up to date with the latest news on upcoming games.

Perhaps even more importantly, Twitter brings out the people behind products. Games have hitherto been more about brands and publisher logos than its immensely talented creators, so getting a better sense of developers' thoughts on gaming and life in general helps - at least in theory - foster a little more empathy.

But which games developers are people identifying with the most on Twitter? Who is being followed and favourited? CVG has put together this list showing just who has more social clout than anyone else. Enjoy!

(Naturally, given the sheer size of Twitter, there are new accounts growing in popularity every day, so if there's a gaming icon you feel we've missed be sure to let us know in the comments).

If you're craving more Twitter goodness, it would be remiss of us to remind you that not only is CVG on Twitter, but many of its team are too. Give these lovely people a follow: Andy, Rob, Chris, Tamoor, Tom, Connor, Shaun and Luc