PlayStation Indie Event - all the announcements

A summary of the announcements made at Sony's San Fran showcase

Sony hosted an Indie-focused event in San Francisco on Wednesday, where it offered a look at the state of Sony's indie gaming campaign and the games coming to PS4 and Vita.


At the event Sony's VP of developer and publisher relations Adam Boyes hosted a short presentation, during which he made several indie-related announcements, including multiple titles confirmed for PS4, release dates and more.

Here's a roundup of the headlines from the event (with expansions on each headline coming in updates shortly):

1000+ indie devs licensed to self publish

Boyes confirmed that over 1000 indie developers are now licensed to self-publish their games on Sony platforms. It is widely agreed that Sony's open-platform approach to indie development has led the pro-indie games movement this console generation, significantly lowering the barrier to entry for small developers and opening the floodgates for indie gaming on the PlayStation Store.

Warframe is PS4's most downloaded game

Third-person multiplayer shooter Warframe is the most downloaded PS4 game on the PS Store, said Boyes, which comes as no surprise since it's been free-to-download since the console's launch in November. Incidentally, Warframe comes in second on the PS4 downloads list to the Netflix app.

Still no release date for The Witness

Brief mentions of the next game from Braid maker Jonathan Blow, The Witness, passed without any confirmation of a release date. This, despite the game's expected 'mid 2014' release window looming ever closer. The vividly colorful 3D puzzle game was announced way back in August 2009, originally for PC and iOS. Plans for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were ditched in favor of development on the more high-end PS4.

Several PS4 and Vita indie games confirmed

Sony announced several new indie titles now on their way to PS4 and Vita, some of which you may recognize from PC origins, others all-new, and all making their console debut on PlayStation platforms. You can watch all the trailers released for each title below this list, and each title listed is a hyperlink to a relevant US PS Blog post with additional gameplay info:

All the trailers

Several trailers of the above listed games have been released, and we've compiled them all for you right here:


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Axiom Verge

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Skulls of the Shogun

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Jamestown Plus

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Starwhal: Just the Tip

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Ironclad Tactics

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Escape Goat 2

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