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Elder Scrolls Online players to receive 5 days free game time

Subscribers compensated for server downtime, glitches

Elder Scrolls Online players will receive five days of free game time as thanks for sticking around through the game's rocky first month.

Developer Zenimax Online Studios pulled the game's servers offline to address issues like botting and duping exploits. The studio thanked players for their patience with these issues, and for their help in reporting gold spammers and quest-blocking bugs.


"Fixing these problems required us to take the megaservers offline, costing players time in the game," the developer wrote on its official blog.

"In recognition of this experience and to show our gratitude to everyone who supported the launch, we are giving an additional five days of included game time to every ESO player who set up an active account prior to 8pm EDT Thursday May 1st and who are currently enjoying their 30 days of included game time."

Elder Scrolls Online's 'Update 1' will address many bugs and balance issues on top of adding the Craglorn adventure zone and underdog faction bonuses to Cyrodiil, the game's PvP zone.

Future updates will add more Elder Scrolls staples to the game, like the ability to steal from and kill NPCs, more items to pick up in the world, and Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quest storylines.

Check the bottom of this article for Zenimax's full outline of planned updates.

In our Elder Scrolls Online launch review, we found it to be "only just worth those hefty subscription fees if you're inclined to ignore its faults in favour of that remarkable environment."

ESO Update 1

  • Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone, specifically created for groups of Veteran Rank 1 and above characters
  • Trials, which are 12-player "raid"-type instances for Veteran Rank characters, featuring completion time leaderboards
  • Death recap: you can now see who killed you and what ability they were using. This is invaluable information in dungeons, PvP, and Craglorn
  • Underdog bonuses in Cyrodiil-you'll get more Alliance Points and XP while fighting for an alliance with a lower population in your campaign
  • Animation tweaks and polish
  • Combat ability balance changes and fixes
  • Class ability tweaks and updates
  • Content bug fixes, especially edge cases where quests could become de-synced
  • And much, much more-check out the final patch notes when they are posted in the forums

Future updates

  • A system that allows grouped players to see each other even when they're in different phases
  • A justice system-steal from and kill NPCs and deal with the consequences if you are caught
  • Migration of European Megaserver to our European datacenter.
  • Field of View (FOV) adjustment
  • Armor dyeing and tinting
  • Two new Veteran Dungeons: Crypt of Hearts and City of Ash
  • New region of Craglorn with a new Trial (the Serpent)
  • Increased ability to pick up items in the world
  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storyline and quests.
  • Spellcrafting
  • Horse Racing
  • Dragonstar Arena-similar to Trials, but built for a group of four
  • Improvements to fishing
  • Crafting system improvements
  • Improved Looking for Group system
  • Better NPC facial animations
  • Guild functionality updates: guild store interface updates, customizable guild insignias, tabards, and guild ranks, and Guild Kiosks-guild stores open to everyone that are available to the highest-bidding guild.
  • Auto-leveling dungeons that level to your group leader
  • Awards when you repeat dungeons
  • Imperial City PvP dungeon