Nintendo to unveil 'new hardware' at E3, claim reports

Third-party publishing and former Nintendo sources cited in E3 reveal reports

Nintendo will announce new hardware at the E3 expo in June, claim reports.

Update: Nintendo will not be revealing new hardware at E3, the company has confirmed to CVG.

IGN's Peer Schneider cites multiple sources as having revealed that the platform holder will "absolutely" unveil new hardware at the LA show.


"They're absolutely going to show new hardware this year," he said during a recent podcast. "There's no doubt in my mind."

He added, "Because I've heard it from multiple people now. I've heard it from someone who used to be at Nintendo, I've heard it from somebody on the third-party front."

Schneider goes on to admit that "nobody knows what that means" - new 'hardware' is broad term that could denote anything from a fully-fledged console down to a simple peripheral, such as a controller or other accessories. Which is perhaps why, it's worth noting, IGN has not run Schneider's claims as a news story on the site, suggesting doubts remain on the viability of the information.

A separate report on VideoGamer, however, points to a more significant hardware revelation. The publication, citing a 'third-party publishing source', links the hardware announcement to supposedly leaked tech specs for what was claimed to be two new Nintendo consoles, which emerged online in January.

The entirely unverified specs pertained to supposed 'Fusion DS' and 'Fusion Terminal' consoles, which were said to be Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS successors.

Games that are compatible with the new hardware will be playable at the show, according to the VG report.

Nintendo has declined to comment on "rumour and speculation".

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said in February that the firm's next consoles will take cues from Apple's iOS platform by sharing a unified development environment.

The exec said that "vast technological advances" in recent years now allow the company to create an "integrated" software environment that will be shared across its next handheld and console devices in the same way iOS unifies iPhone and iPad software.