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August 2000 - WWF Royal Rumble arcade flyer

With another WWE pay-per-view coming up this weekend, we thought it was worth dipping our toes once again into the ocean of past wrestling games.

WWF Royal Rumble was released in arcades and on the Dreamcast in 2000 and is unique in that it was the only WWE game partly developed and distributed by Sega.

Developed by long-time WWE developer Yuke's, Royal Rumble was an arcade-type wrestling game that used a modified version of Yuke's Smackdown engine (an engine that continues to evolve to this day as part of the WWE 2K series).

While the arcade version was generally well-received, the fact that the Dreamcast version was near-identical -with only exhibition and Royal Rumble options available - didn't sit well with gamers who by this point were used to character creation modes and rudiemtary career modes.

The limited character roster was also criticised, with only 21 superstars to choose from (including the likes of Tazz, The Godfather, Rikishi and Vince McMahon). While in other fighting game circles this would be considered a lot, the fact that WWF No Mercy on the Nintendo 64 had 74 fighters made it pale in comparison - not to mention the fact that the actual Royal Rumble event features 30 wrestlers.

That said, it did offer one unique feature - the ability to have up to nine grapplers in the ring at the same time. This is something that even modern wrestling games have yet to replicate, although it's unclear whether that's down to technical reasons or because it just wouldn't be that fun to play.

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