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Comments of the Week: "Use his lightsaber as a walking stick"

Your finest, funniest and oddest comments over the past seven days


Videos: Sony shows PS4 augmented reality concepts

"Kudos to Sony if they start a new division call Augmented Reality Sony Entertainment.
Or ARSE for short." - moogiesboy

Ooh, you cheeky sod.

Star Wars: Episode VII cast confirmed with plenty of classic names

"Presumably, Mark Hamill will use his light sabre as a walking stick?" - Arcade

Hey, don't forget he's the Joker too. Dangerous to mock him.

Star Wars 1313 concept art is a painful reminder of what could have been

"Why yes, that concept art does look nice.

The concept art for Remember Me also looked nice, the game stunk however." - unacomn

A realist, here.

E.T. for Atari discovered in New Mexico desert landfill

"No doubt gonna bombard the dashboard with now for only £3.50! *xbox live gold required

Microsoft don't do free after all." - mturner93

"Whereas Sony blankets you in a cocoon of positive human emotion?" - schubacca


DriveClub release date and details promised 'in the weeks to come'

"I still have a feeling this will turn out to be a golf game" - unclemonkey

Keep the faith.

Lucasfilm declares all Star Wars games non-canon

"Does this mean Boba Fett's dead again?" - Kriss_B

Not in my heart.


E.T. for Atari discovered in New Mexico desert landfill

"What MS are not telling you is that they are going to replace the ET cartridges in the landfill with Ryse" - SameerAFC

"What MS are not telling you is that they are going to replace the ET cartridges in the landfill with Xbox One consoles." - Pirate

"I heard they were going to replace the ET cartridges with all the copies of Too Human." - mattdark

"I'm sure if they return to the site in say 10-15 years there will be a bounty of Aliens : Colonial Marines to be had..." - KK-Headcharge78

"Now they can bury Resident Evil 6, with concrete this time." - tigertron

"seriously who gives a s**t about a load of games that were scrapped because they were total crap and didnt sell, Should of chucked some xboxones in the hole and covered it up again" - martinawatson



Videos: Sony shows PS4 augmented reality concepts

"How AR you all doin' today?" - Jentario


E.T. for Atari discovered in New Mexico desert landfill

"Better phone home and tell the folks. B'dum" - otto_spooky


Last of Us lead character artist reportedly leaves Naughty Dog

"Time for Naughty Dog to change their company name to...

( _)>??-?

The Last Of Us." - Gambini

B+ for the ASCII art.


The 20 best Xbox 360 games available now

"I can't believe CoD Blops is on here. And the third Mass Effect entry should automatically disqualify the so-called "Mass Effect Trilogy" from the list. Fallout: New Vegas is also better than 3, and Halo ODST isn't as definitive as Halo 3 or Reach.

In fact, you almost seem to admit that in the summary in a semi-contradictory manner, essentially saying, "this is the definitive Halo for the 360 in that it's the least like the others." That kind of seems the miss the point a tad, especially when it's a series designed to be played with pals and Halo ODST is the one that doesn't work anywhere near as well when that's the case compared to 3 or Reach, and is only really great when played solo. I suppose at least it wasn't Halo 4, which pretty much s**t all over Halo, but still... you guys seemed to have chosen ODST because it suited your own personal tastes rather than because it best summarises Halo and the Halo experience." - TerrorK

Yes. It's almost as if it's our own list.

Hands on with PS4's next big indie games

"cool, four more titles to test my download speed with and play for 20 minutes" - lh75

Or you could, you know, buy other games instead.

Microsoft details 'Xbox Originals' TV productions: Halo, Atari documentary and more

"Oh right, so this is what the XBOX One is for!!!!

Didn't think it was for next gen games.

So I've paid 400 odd quid for essentially a Netflix contract!!!" - Faktor

Last year called, it wants its unnecessary concerns back.

E.T. for Atari discovered in New Mexico desert landfill

"How is this news?" - illage2

Because last week it hadn't happened, then this week it did.