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Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds training mode fight requests

Videos stored for offline matches

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will let players perfect new combos and brush up on unfamiliar characters while they wait for online challengers.

Capcom announced Friday that the latest revision to its flagship fighting franchise will include a Training Mode Fight Request feature and offline battle records.


The former option lets players jump into Training Mode while leaving themselves open to online Fight Requests, rather than sitting in lobbies or playing Arcade Mode. Matchmaking can be temporarily disabled by pausing the game.

The Offline Battle Log will let players rewatch local multiplayer games. Coupled with Ultra Street Fighter 4's built-in YouTube uploading, players will be able to share their favorite offline and online matches alike.

Capcom teased the game's 44 fighters in a trailer released in late April. Its new faces include Rolento and Decapre, both taken from the Alpha series, as well as Poison and Hugo of Final Fight and Street Fighter 3 fame.

Capcom has confirmed the digital upgrade Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date will fall in "early June". It will be followed by a standalone retail release, including content from previous versions.