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CoD: Advanced Warfare GameStop pre-orders get Ghosts DLC

Unique personalization pack offered for Ghosts and Black Ops 2

Pre-ordering the newly-announced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at GameStop in US will get you exclusive DLC content for use in CoD: Ghosts and CoD: Black Ops 2.

The US retailer is offering up a 'Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Personalization Pack' to anyone who pre-orders this year's new Call of Duty game, due out on November 4. The DLC lets CoD: Ghosts and CoD: Black Ops 2 players change up their look with Advanced Warfare-inspired decals and gear.

As the GameStop trailer below shows, the pack comes with a gun skin, a Sentinel Task Force patch, a themed Playercard, a new Reticle and a player background.

Advanced Warfare was officially announced on Friday following a succession of leaks, which forced Activision into an early unveiling (previously scheduled for Sunday).

The game, set in the year 2054, stars Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey as the main antagonist Jonathan Irons. Get the full details and official reveal trailer here.

Here's the GameStop pre-order DLC trailer showing the content in use in Call of Duty: Ghosts - not to be mistaken for footage of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

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