Unreal Tournament installment may be announced on Thursday

Epic Games reps have been teasing a UT announcement

Representatives from Epic Games have indicated that an Unreal Tournament announcement will be made this Thursday.

The date coincides with a forthcoming Twitch broadcast on the Unreal Engine 4. Confirmation of an Unreal Tournament announcement comes via Epic Games' Paul Meegan and Mark Rein on Twitter.

The last major title in the series was Unreal Tournament III, which released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007.

Since then, Epic Games has worked on Gears of War and the fourth version of its Unreal Engine.

The studio has recently indicated that it has a high-end console game in the works alongside Fortnite and another unannounced mobile title.

"It's going to push next-generation graphics as you'd always expect Epic to do," Epic founder Tim Sweeney said recently in relation to the unannounced console title.

In March a senior employee representing Epic Games revealed concept art for an unannounced title in development.