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Bound by Flame out this week - launch trailer released

Spiders' dark fantasy RPG arrives on all formats this Friday

Spiders Studio will release its newest RPG adventure Bound by Flame on all formats this week, and has shared a launch trailer to coincide with its arrival.

The game, headed to PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, has a May 9 release date, but will be released as a digital download via the PlayStation Store on May 6 in US and May 7 in Europe.

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In the words of project manager Walid Miled, Bound by Flame is a new adventure "set in a dark fantasy universe where seven Icelords have taken over". He goes on to explain, "Vertiel is enslaved and locked in an endless winter as the Icelords drain the world's energy.


"You play Vulcan, part of a group of mercenaries called the Pure Blades. You've been hired to protect a group of priests while they cast a desperate spell to help them in their fight against the Icelords. Something goes wrong with the spell and you end up possessed by a Flame Demon."

"Throughout your adventure, you'll face choices that impact your relationship with your inner demon. Will you let him possess you and define your behavior, or will you defy him and dominate his will? This is a matter of choice."

An earlier video offered a look at Bound by Flame running on PS4.


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