Destiny video discusses weapons, armor and loot

Over three minutes of new footage from Bungie's shooter

Sony has shared a new Destiny gameplay video featuring over three minutes of new footage and developer commentary.

The video features Bungie devs discussing the game's vast array of weapons, loot drops and customizable armor. Design lead Lars Bakken talks about the individualization of each player as they level up, and the balance of a larger weapon system than was ever in Bungie's Halo games.

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CVG recently published a hands-on Destiny preview , along with a lengthy preview video featuring gameplay details and impressions.

Bungie has also released a new 7-minute gameplay video of the game in action, showcasing a Strike mission, which sees three players co-operate to complete a designated task.

Another gameplay video here features Bungie devs explaining exactly what a Strike mission is and how they fit into Destiny.

Destiny will release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9.