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Titanfall DLC showcased in new screenshots

Respawn has released a selection of new screenshots for upcoming Titanfall DLC pack Expedition, showing off the three new maps included in the add-on.

Runoff has been described by Titanfall designer Geoff Smith as a compact map with lower canals ideal for Titan combat, and upper levels better suited to Pilot confrontations.

"Runoff was an experiment to try and make a small map but still allow Titans enough pathing options so that they don't feel constrained or limited," he said.

"The core concept of the level is multiple layers of paths: concrete canals filled with water and trash below, and upper levels that are cleaner and more industrial. I thought the canals would be cool for Titans to fight in, with Pilots able to jump across them. I also set out to make more choke points in the level, something that is pretty hard to do in our game, at least for Pilots with their enhanced mobility."

War Games is a virtual combat zone that blends areas that resemble the game's tutorial missions with zones inspired by the original Angel City, Rise and Airbase Sierra maps.

"The concept of a simulator level allowed for themed areas to act as the hardpoints while the buildings between are in the smooth, featureless style of the training mission rooms," explained designer Jason McCord.

Although Respawn hasn't officially detailed the third map, Swampland, it is believed that it will be themed around "archaic alien technology".

The studio recently released a major Titanfall update on Xbox One.