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EA games sold through set-tops in new Comcast deal, report claims

Purported deal comes after EA boss foretold consoles facing "stiff competition" from smart TVs

Electronic Arts and Comcast are reportedly close to inking a deal which would result in games sold through the cable company's newest set-top box.

Comcast's Xfinity cable box already streams movies and TV shows, and plays some EA games via an iOS app

According to separate sources speaking to Reuters, the agreement would bring EA's action, sports and casual titles to Comcast's high-end X1 cable box. Potential titles include FIFA, Madden, Monopoly and Plants vs. Zombies, Reuters claimed.

Gamers would play these titles though their iPads or Android tablet devices. Final details, it is said, will be fleshed out once the deal has been signed.

Last year, EA quietly launched a games service on Comcast's set-top boxes that allowed various iOS games to be played on the X1. It is not clear how this deal will differentiate itself from that offering, aside from the cable network's purported ambition to directly sell games thought the set-tops.

Then in December, EA's new chief executive Andrew Wilson predicted that Sony and Microsoft will soon face "stiff competition" from other companies hoping to enter the living room entertainment space.

Pictured: EA games already available through Comcast

During an address at the Credit Suisse 2013 Technology Conference, Wilson said companies including Apple, Sony and US cable provider Comcast will move to challenge the dominance of Sony and Microsoft.

"Our market is evolving at a very, very, very rapid rate," Wilson said.

"I think that Microsoft and Sony have a real opportunity to build a strong following and a strong install base while they continue to be the single best way to get high fidelity, high definition interactive entertainment to your 80-inch television."


Consoles will face 'stiff competition' in years to come - EA CEO

CEO predicts Apple and Google will challenge living room market

While EA's purported Comcast deal would initially deliver more casual games, Wilson's recent comments suggest the corporation is paving the way for bigger titles.

"I think that three years from now, four years from now, they're going to be under some fairly stiff competition for the living room, from mobile providers, from Apple, from Google, from Roku, from Comcast, to try and own that living room experience."