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Video: Watch a Halo grandmaster break a new speed record on hardest

Those who fondly remember the seminal* Xbox debut title Halo: Combat Evolved will likely be flabbergasted to discover that its Legendary difficulty campaign has been bested in less than 100 minutes.

Not only was Halo hard as nails when played at this setting, with some of the deadliest NPC mothertruckers ever committed to code, but the Master Chief was so painfully slow that I'm surprised you can even travel the distance needed to complete the game in under two hours.

But Andrew Halabourda, a 26 year-old Canadian speedrunner, has proven a sub-100 minute Halo run is indeed possible. The video below reveals fascinating insights into the tricks and skills he summoned to finish the game in record time.

There are some faster Halo completion records for Legendary, but those account for games divided into segments. Halabourda's attempt was a single playthrough on the hardest difficulty.

Interested in this kind of thing? Halabourda has published a Halo trick list, as well as a comprehensive guide, for those who want to take a shot at it.

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* But not as seminal as GoldenEye**
** Which isn't as influential as Doom***
*** Which, technically, isn't as pioneering as Wolfenstein 3D


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