WildStar open beta begins May 8

Carbine Studios plans streams for upcoming MMORPG

WildStar will enter open beta on May 8, developer Carbine Studios announced on Tuesday.

Players interested in trying out the MMORPG for the first time will be able to request a key from then through May 18 on the official website. Those who have already participated in a WildStar beta event will automatically receive access to the open beta period.


The game's level cap will be extended to 30 for the weekend, letting players venture to Farside, planet Nexus' low-gravity moon, try out the tower-defense styled Galeras Adventure, unlock two new abilities, and fill out their tenth and final ability slot.
All characters will be wiped before the game's pre-order headstart period begins on May 31. Full release is scheduled for June 2.

Carbine Studios plans to host a 30 minute livestream kicking off open beta on Thursday at 11am PDT/7pm BST. A six-hour livestream scheduled for Friday will demonstrate "exciting raids and Warplot activity, a sneak peek into higher level open beta content and if we're lucky, some post launch content gameplay."

"We're stoked to launch WildStar," executive producer Jeremey Gaffney said upon announcing the release date in March.

"We're looking forward to seeing the first players begin their journey on the unexplored planet of Nexus. Both noobs and MMO vets will have a blast with our fast-paced combat, while experienced guilds and groups will build complete battle-fortresses using our Warplot system and tackle some truly epic raids."

WildStar was first announced for PC in August 2011. Each purchase of the game comes with 30 days of play time, after which players can either subscribe for $15 a month or spend in-game cash to buy time-extending credits from other players.