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Concept artist shows his sombre, unofficial vision for Last of Us 2

"Deeply personal image" isn't part of TLOU 2 reveal

Remember that concept art of Ellie from The Last of Us that had people in a tizzy about a possible sequel? It's done. And no, it doesn't have anything to do with The Last of Us 2, it's just a concept artist showing his love for a character.

The piece, which was done by Marek Okon - who also contributed to The Last of Us in an official capacity - shows an older Ellie sitting on a rock with her guitar and her trusty bow.


The image was posted on Okon's Facebook page along with a his vision for what happens after the first game.

"We all heard the stories over the years. Tales of a girl being out there, immune to all this madness. And we knew that those stories were nothing but wishfull thinking, fairytales passed along by the campfire. Believing those stories was a good measure of my desperation. I needed to find that girl.

"You, who followed me on this hopeless journey choose to do so. Some of you paid the ultimate price for that. For my belief... But here we are, we found the girl. We found the hope. Be careful and don't let her bite you."

Okon also explained his intent behind the artwork: "I tried to imagine what future holds for Ellie and Joel and came up with this image - Ellie few years older, practicing her tunes, being chased by a woman who will hesitate at nothing to find the cure and save her loved ones."

He also emphasised that the image was simply fanart, and not connected to The Last of Us 2.

"Again, its only my own imagination at works here so please don't board the "TLOU2 confirmed" hype train ;] Its a (deeply) personal image."

Neil Druckman, creative director on The Last of Us, offered an evaluation of Okon's work on Twitter.