Peggle 2 launches on Xbox 360

Free trial mode also available for PopCap's £10/$12 game

The Xbox 360 version of Peggle 2 is now available to download on Xbox Live.

Weighing in at 884.90 MB, the title is priced at £9.99/$11.99, although a free trial is also available.


Peggle 2 is the sequel to PopCap's cult favourite, described by some as a cross between pachinko and Breakout.

The game includes the new multiplayer Duel mode, in which players take turns locally or online to work down the same board, competing to see who can score the most points with their Peggle master of choice.

Peggle 2 was originally set to release alongside Xbox One last November as a timed exclusive digital title, though it was ultimately delayed to December 9. Xbox One players can install Duel Mode as free downloadable content.

PopCap has not announced if or when the series, which started as a PC game in 2007, will release on non-Xbox platforms.


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