Microsoft hiring for new game in 'well-loved strategy franchise'

Company seeking a lead software engineer for triple-A project

Microsoft is looking to create a triple-A game within an established strategy franchise.


The news comes from a Microsoft job listing posted to its careers site. The listing dated April 28, 2014 calls for a principal software development engineer lead to join Microsoft Studios at its headquarters in Redmond, Washington:

"Microsoft Studios is looking for a highly experienced senior games developer to help build and lead the team for a new AAA title within an established and well-loved strategy game franchise."

The listing gives no further indication of what the game is or for which systems it is intended to release on. Microsoft Studios' best-known strategy series is likely Age of Empires, which has not seen a new entry since the free-to-play Age of Empires Online debuted in 2011.

Microsoft announced in September that Age of Empires will be pulled offline on July 1, 2014, though new players have been unable to join the game since then.

It's also possible that Microsoft is building up another existing strategy franchise. Both Halo Wars and the Age of Empires series were formerly the work of Ensemble Studios, which was disbanded by Microsoft in 2009.


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