Mario Kart 8 review - 9/10 in Edge: "As essential as Super Mario 3D World"

First review score arrives in print publication

Edge's Mario Kart 8 review has been published in the new issue of the magazine, which is available now in print and digitally.

"Even 2011's effervescent 3DS outing, Mario Kart 7, feels somewhat lifeless by comparison," the 9/10 review reads. "The new HD visuals are gorgeous, but Nintendo has also built on 7's neatly interlaced mechanics and introduced a nuanced handling model to create the greatest Mario Kart yet."

Some criticism is reserved for Balloon Battle mode's arenas, which are formed of eight standard race tracks without antigravity sections.

"The Mario Kart series' battle arenas were designed to funnel players into each other, but now you'll spend long stretches of time without even catching sight of a potential target as you trek round the circuit," Edge says.

"But even this isn't enough to detract from an otherwise-joyous follow-up to the series' excellent 3DS outing. That it offers as much of its own innovation again speaks volumes; Mario Kart 8 is as essential a purchase as Super Mario 3D World."

A Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition package is available to pre-order now ahead of the Mario Kart 8 release date of May 30.

Those who purchase the title then register their copy on the Club Nintendo website before July 31 will receive a code to download a free Wii U game. A number of Mario Kart 8 Wii U hardware bundles have also been announced.

This month's Edge magazine also includes a Sunset Overdrive feature filled with new details about Insomniac's Xbox One exclusive game.

A discounted subscription to Edge magazine can be purchased here. Alternatively, digital versions are available for iOS, Google's Play Store, Kindle, Nook and Zinio.


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