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Off The Record 21: EVE Fanfest and Tomodachi Life's same sex relationships

This week on Off The Record we're down one Chris Scullion but up one Gav Murphy, who joins Tamoor Hussain and Rob Crossley (and now you know ALL our surnames).

We start off by discussing Gav's weird and wonderful experiences in Iceland, where he went to the EVE Fanfest event and may or may not have tried whale. Following that we bury ourselves in news including DriveClubs dodgy PS Plus upgrade, Kevin Spacey: Advance Warfare, Nintendo's sales performance and its handling of the same-sex marriage issue in Tomodachi Life.

Following that Gav and Rob compare and contrast their experiences with Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, while Tamoor feels left out, and then we read a beautiful poem written by our very find readers.

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Unlike previous episodes, Off The Record won't be available in full on YouTube, mostly because very few people listened and engaged with it (*sad face*). Instead we've put together a short highlight clip, if you like it you can listen to full episode using the SoundCloud embed or through the methods above.

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