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Epic making free Unreal Tournament

Studio will involve community, support player marketplace

Epic Games confirmed that a new Unreal Tournament is coming, and it plans to involve players in every part of development.

"We are making a new Unreal Tournament," community manager Stacey 'Flak' Conley said. It will be entirely free, with no microtransactions, including future content updates.


The "next-gen competitive shooter" is planned for Windows, Linux, and Mac. Epic Games lead level designer David Spalinski said the game will build on the Unreal series' long tradition of mod support.

Players will be able to make maps, weapons, and near total-conversions and put them up on the marketplace. They can choose whether to give their content away or charge for it. However, all Epic-made content will be free.

Epic said in a official blog post that a "small team of UT veterans" are starting work on the project as of Thursday. Players will be involved in development from the first line of code, using forums and Twitch streams to keep in touch.

The studio warned that the game will take many months to be playable, and will start off with a focus on standard deathmatch only. Other series-standard modes like Capture the Flag and Onslaught will be added over time.

"Unreal Tournament is the perfect kind of game to do this with," project lead Steve Polge said. "It's always had a very open community."

The last major title in the series was Unreal Tournament III, which released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2007.

Since then, Epic Games has worked on Gears of War and the fourth version of its Unreal Engine.

Epic Founder Tim Sweeney revealed in April that the studio was working on an unannounced high-end console game, on top of Fortnite and an unannounced mobile game.