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Kinect Sports Rivals offers Banjo-Kazooie & other Rare-themed challenge packs

New team-specific storylines added in free update

Five new Kinect Sports Rivals challenge packs hark back to Rare's classic franchises, from Battletoads to Viva Piņata.

The packs let players compete to earn the accolades of "dataDyne, Zitz Blitz, Mumbo, Buzzlegum, or Blast", in turn unlocking exclusive gear for their champions to wear.


Here's the full list of new packs:

Rare challenge packs

  • Banjo-Kazooie Challenge Pack
  • Battletoads Challenge Pack
  • Blast Corps Challenge Pack
  • Perfect Dark Challenge Pack
  • Viva Piņata Challenge Pack

A free update to the game will also let players who have completed the campaign play through one of three storylines based on their team of choice. The missions see players squaring off against the leaders of their teams.

In our Kinect Sports Rivals review we praised the Xbox One title for delivering "motion gaming for everyone - core gamers included".

"Rare has overcome nearly all preconceptions of motion control - Rivals is responsive, accurate, deep, reliable and well integrated. It just needs the space."