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Retro Vault: Street Fighter III, Battletoads, Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack

Plus: Head Over Heels and Ghosts 'n Goblins

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February 1997 - Street Fighter III arcade flyer

Although the countless Street Fighter II spin-offs and upgrades almost turned the idea of a Street Fighter III into a running joke among fighting game fans throughout the early '90s, the third game finally did arrive six years later.

Controversially, Street Fighter III: New Generation did what it said on the tin and got rid of every single character from the Street Fighter II games, with the exception of Ryu and Ken. No Chun Li, no Guile, no Dhalsim, no Zangief.

Instead, joining Ryu and Ken were eight completely new fighters, including new lead character Alex whose quest is to defeat the evil Gill (the new final boss) and avenge the death of his friend Tom.

It would take two subsequent upgrades - appropriately named 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike - until Street Fighter III was fully acknowledged and loved by gamers, and years later 3rd Strike is still played in tournaments by the fighting game community.

Some of its characters have also since made the jump over to Street Fighter IV, including Dudley, Elena, Ibuki and Yun & Yang.

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