Human Element to be published worldwide by Nexon

Open-world zombie survival game coming to PC first in late 2015

Robotoki's debut game, Human Element, will be published by Nexon worldwide, the independent studio has announced.

Built with CryEngine, the title is scheduled for a global PC release in the fourth quarter of 2015, while launch dates for console and mobile versions have yet to be confirmed.

Human Element is an open-world survival horror game that "challenges players to rebuild society 35 years after a zombie apocalypse and adapt as the world evolves based on their actions".


Robotoki says it features "a cinematic, immersive, first-person experience, and combines innovative new streaming and segmented world massively multiplayer online game technologies to achieve a large open-world MMO experience while maintaining the high visual fidelity of a first-person shooter".

LA-based Robotoki was formed in April 2012 by Robert Bowling, shortly after he quit his job as creative strategist and community lead at Call of Duty maker Infinity Ward.

South Korean developer and publisher Nexon, which is headquartered in Japan, specialises in free-to-play MMORPGs and is best known for MapleStory.

Bowling said: "Partnering with Nexon has allowed us to achieve our ambitious vision for Human Element. Combining the fast paced, cinematic, visceral gameplay that our team is known for with the exciting MMO social experience and expertise of Nexon, we are redefining the genre of survival games with an unprecedented level of detail within an open-world experience."


Human Element hits PC November 2015, made with CryEngine

Also, a previously announced Ouya prequel was "cancelled very early on"