Sony reverses unpopular PS Plus requirements for DriveClub upgrade

Those who upgrade from free to full versions no longer need to maintain their PS Plus subscription

Sony has announced players who pay $50 to upgrade from the free PS Plus Edition of DriveClub to the full game are no longer required to have an active PS Plus subscription to continually access the game.

Previously, the plan was to offer a free version of the game to PS Plus subscribers, but Sony later revealed that this edition would be limited in terms of vehicles and features. A $50 upgrade would be necessary to unlock everything, however, players would also need to maintain their PS Plus account (which roughly costs $50 per year) in order to access the content.

Following a wave of complaints from fans, Sony announced on Twitter that it was scrapping the ongoing PS Plus requirements.

As previously confirmed, the PS4-exclusive racer will be offered as a full-price $60 game, in addition to a cut-back 'PS Plus Edition' downloadable to subscribers for free, containing 10 cars and one country - india - with 5 tracks featuring 11 distinct layouts.

Following a lengthy delay Sony confirmed the DriveClub release date as October 7.