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Wolfenstein The New Order Achievements revealed

What you'll need to complete to boost your Gamerscore

Wolfenstein: The New Order's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Achievements list has been published online.

The first-person shooter is set in an alternate history timeline where the Nazis were victorious in World War 2, and sees players taking up arms as William B.J. Blazkowicz to lead the resistance movement against global oppression.


Players will be able to boost their Gamerscore by completing a range of activities, from unlocking stealth or assault perks (objectives can be approached in different ways) to locating items and cracking Enigma codes, according to Xbox Achievements.

Announced in May 2013, the title has been developed by Swedish outfit MachineGames, a studio largely comprised of talent that worked on the Chronicles of Riddick series and The Darkness.

Publisher Bethesda recently brought forward the European and Australian Wolfenstein The New Order release date to coincide with the game's North American launch on Tuesday May 20, 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Those who pre-order the title will receive access to a post-launch Doom beta, which will only be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

CVG's most recent Wolfenstein The New Order preview concluded: "On the evidence of what we saw it's a solid shooter with a strange, '70s exploitation film aesthetic - a logical direction in which to take the Wolfenstein series.


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