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DriveClub videos explain Clubs, Face-offs and Challenges

Sony has released two new DriveClub videos showing off various online features of the upcoming PS4 racer.

The first explains how Clubs work, "and why you should be in one", while the second provides an overview of Face-offs and Challenges, which "represent more than just a way to score FAME", according to Sony product manager Chris Brown, who says "they give you another reason to race aside from just coming first."

Following a lengthy delay, Sony recently confirmed the DriveClub release date as October 7.

The racer will be offered as a full-price $60 game, in addition to a cut-back DriveClub PS Plus Edition downloadable free of charge to subscribers, containing ten cars and one country with five tracks.

Sony said earlier on Friday that players who pay $50 to upgrade from the PS Plus Edition of DriveClub to the full game are no longer required to have an active PS Plus subscription to continually access the game.

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