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Video: Creating Alien Isolation's characters

A new Alien: Isolation developer diary video from Creative Assembly shows how the studio captured the performances of its human characters.

Scenes of a meeting between a Weyland-Yutani manager and Amanda Ripley set up Ripley's place on the space station Sevastopol. Interspersed with the cinematic footage are developer interviews, introducing one of the survivors Ripley will encounter.

"In order to tell the story, we needed our characters to be believable," art lead Jude Bond said. "So we took the decision to cast real people."

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Previous developer diaries set up the game's "lo-fi sci-fi" aesthetic, which adheres to the same retro-futuristic interpretation of technology from the original film, and the game's sound design process.

In late March, publisher Sega announced an Alien Isolation release date of October 7 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. Read CVG's early impressions of the game in this Alien isolation preview.