Titanfall for Xbox 360 will get updates and DLC after Xbox One, PC

Expedition DLC to hit Xbox 360 in June

Titanfall for Xbox 360 will always get updates and DLC later than the Xbox One and PC editions, it has been confirmed.

According to a post on the game's official website, the delay is due to the 360 version being handled by an external developer, Bluepoint.

"Respawn must first finish their additions and improvements for the Xbox One and PC, and afterwards Bluepoint can then grab the latest and update the Xbox 360 version.

"We're working with Respawn and Bluepoint to streamline the process and close the gap, allowing Xbox 360 updates to be published as closely as possible to Respawn's updates."

The update also confirms that the forthcoming Content Update 2 for Xbox 360 will be split in two parts, with the first updating the Gooser challenge.

Respawn announced the first paid DLC pack for Titanfall last month. Expedition will release in May for Xbox One and PC, and June for Xbox 360. It will boast three new maps.

Publisher EA confirmed during a financial call last week that it will continue its partnership with Respawn Entertainment, pointing to a likely sequel in the coming years.

Titanfall sold 925,000 units in the US in March.