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Mortal Kombat will survive GameSpy shutdown, exec says

Closure of multiplayer service will not affect game's online service

The co-creator of Mortal Kombat has confirmed that the upcoming GameSpy shutdown will not affect the Mortal Kombat reboot's online multiplayer.

GameSpy Technology has announced it will be shutting down all online hosting services for multiplayer games on May 31.


A concerned Mortal Kombat fan tweeted the series' co-creator Ed Boon asking if Mortal Kombat, which uses GameSpy technology, would be affected by the switch-off. "MK9 will continue to run online," he replied.

Crytek confirmed in April that the online multiplayer element of the PC versions of Crysis and Crysis 2 will end on May 31, adding the two games to a growing list of titles that will no longer be functional online.

Rockstar also issued a statement detailing the effects the GameSpy server closure will have on some of its older titles, stating that, while the majority of its games' online multiplayer experiences will go unaffected, several Social Club features and other online options will be cut.

2K Games has also listed 19 games that will cease to function online after the shutdown, as well as providing a smaller list of games - including Borderlands, Civilization III and Civilization IV - that will be offline "temporarily" while they are migrated to new servers.

GameSpy says more than 800 developers and publishers made use of its services over more than a decade online, including Capcom, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Epic, Ubisoft, and Konami. Nintendo previously announced plans to cease online services for Wii and Nintendo DS, which made use of GameSpy Technology, on May 20.