New CryEngine FPS jumps between the real and afterlife

Crossing the Line 'coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC'

A new first-person shooter, said to be in development for PC and next-gen consoles, has been revealed for the first time by Moscow indie studio Zomboko Entertainment.

Crossing the Line is described as a "mystical" shooter that allows the main protagonist to "shift between our world and the world of the dead".

Designer Artyom Mironov says the game is set in the aftermath of a terrorist attack, where the unnamed lead is haunted by visions of his dead wife. Though parts of the game task the player with venturing into the world of the undead, spending too long in the latter will result in permanent residence.

Mironov, who is currently developing the game on his own, says shifting between worlds will only be available during certain sequences.

No video of the game is available, though the game's website has released several assets.