Sunset Overdrive will have online co-op

Insomniac reveals Xbox One exclusive's cover art

Insomniac Games will reveal an online co-op mode for Sunset Overdrive soon, according to its official Twitter account.

The open-world Xbox One exclusive from the makers of the Ratchet & Clank franchise lets players dart around a city, fighting energy-drink spawned mutants.

Insomniac Games has previously confirmed that Sunset Overdrive's campaign will not be playable in co-op, though its separate multiplayer mode will "have some unique things".

The studio also revealed Sunset Overdrive's concept art via Instagram.


Insomniac told fans that its desire to control and own the IP was a driving reason for the exclusive partnership with Microsoft, which is funding and publishing Sunset Overdrive.

You can read the first details of Sunset Overdrive's single-player campaign from Edge's exclusive preview here, or check out a four-minute narrated gameplay video