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Mario Kart 8 TV ad flips racing on its head

Nintendo of America has kicked off its Mario Kart 8 TV marketing campaign with an advert showing off the series' new anti-gravity features.

We said in our recent Mario Kart 8 preview: "The anti-gravity gimmick manifests during play in the form of blue barriers at roadside, which when driven over allow you to drive up the wall - where you'll remain unless you get hit by something, upon which you'll tumble back to earth.

"The anti-gravity theme then, offers quick and crafty shortcuts, the trade off being that the routes are slightly riskier. In that sense, it reminds us of the underwater/sky routes in Mario Kart 7, both of also which return here."

Close Close

Edge labelled the Wii U game "as essential as Super Mario 3D World" and "the greatest Mario Kart yet" in its Mario Kart 8 review.

A Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition package is available to pre-order now ahead of the Mario Kart 8 release date of May 30.