Final Fantasy Agito gets 6 new gameplay videos

New gameplay videos for Final Fantasy Agito, the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Type-0, have been released by Japanese gaming publication Famitsu.

The videos show various elements from the game including character creation, voice and armour selection, and conversation.

Set for release "soon" on iOS and Android devices, Final Fantasy Agito is a tablet and smartphone port of the PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0, which originally released exclusively in Japan.

It is not a straight port of Type-0; instead it is an alternative free-to-play edition which will support in-game microtransactions, allowing players to purchase items, energy points and health with real world money.

The game will be given a visual makeover and be presented in chapter-based format, with community voting deciding how the story unfolds. Chapters will reportedly be delivered every two weeks.

Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy Type-0, is reportedly producing the game with Takeharu Ishimoto serving as composer again. Star Ocean planner Masayasu Nishida is also working on the title.

Character creation

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Voice selection

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Armour selection

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Dorm Room

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Fountain Square

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