POLL: Is Microsoft right to drop Xbox One's mandatory Kinect?

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Following months of speculation, Microsoft has finally confirmed it will axe the mandatory inclusion of Kinect with every Xbox One, saving potential buyers a chunk of cash in the process.


The news marks the latest in a long line of painful policy reversals from Microsoft's Xbox One team, which will almost certainly see its console reach a more mass-market audience. Consumers now finally have the choice they've so aggressively demanded - but at a price.

Anyone who's seen the motion sensor in a development environment, tracking the player's facial expressions and even calculating their heart rate using the complexion of their skin, will have waxed lyrical about the innovations Kinect 2.0 could bring to gaming. But - sadly - this announcement will no doubt dampen some of its potential.

Will we see many more risky motion titles like the promising D4 and Project Spark, now that their Xbox One audience is set to be segregated?

Microsoft says its decision to change the Kinect policy was based on fan feedback. So, was Microsoft right to drop Xbox One's mandatory Kinect? Show us what you really think via the poll below, and we'll summarise the results in a follow-up article shortly.