Video: Ubisoft lays out every Watch Dogs detail in 9 min trailer

Ubisoft lays out nearly everything there is to know about Watch Dogs in a new nine-minute trailer.

The video starts off with an introduction to the "60 different skills and powerful hacks" protagonist Aiden Pearce will be able to use in his open-world plot for revenge.

It goes on to re-introduce Watch Dogs' characters, its multiplayer modes, the game's companion app, its driving, and other "game changers" ranging from minigames like chess to the "Madness" digital rampage through a hellish virtual Chicago.

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Ubisoft released some super high-res Watch Dogs screenshots last week, showing in detail its virtual depiction of Chicago's towering skyscrapers and busy streets. A recent Watch Dogs gameplay video showed multiplayer modes and more 'Digital Trip' side missions.

More details on the new features can be found in our recent Watch Dogs hands-on preview.

The worldwide Watch Dogs release date is May 27 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. A Wii U release is expected to follow in autumn 2014.