Titanfall 'Expedition' DLC to release May 15

First DLC expansion will usher in three new maps

Electronic Arts has confirmed that the first Titanfall DLC pack 'Expedition' will release May 15 for Xbox One and PC.

The first of three planned DLC packs, Expedition will cost $13.49 in Australia and $9.99 in North America. Season passes cost $33.45 and $24.99 respectively.


Expedition will feature three new maps in the form of 'Runoff', 'Swampland' and 'War Games'. Each map was detailed in a trailer earlier this week.

An Xbox 360 release date has yet to be announced, though EA did announce earlier this week that patches and DLC for the last-gen edition will generally arrive later than the PC and Xbox One versions.

A substantial Titanfall patch was implemented earlier this week, introducing a range of new fixes and additions including custom load-out names and a range of options to customise private matches.