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Fantasia Music Evolved trailer features Elton John's Rocket Man

Harmonix has published a new trailer for its upcoming Xbox Kinect game Fantasia: Music Evolved.

The video shows a new stage in the game called The Capsule, in which a lonely astronaut monkey is seen in space, cut off from all communication.

Players are is tasked with performing remixed versions of Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes and Elton John's Rocket Man in order to transform a claustrophobic, unused space station into a thriving environment.

The clip also shows some of the different ways in which players will be able to modify the music to create their own remixes, including a brief look at a section that looks similar to Harmonix's previous titles Rock Band Blitz and Amplitude.

Fantasia: Music Evolved is coming exclusively to Xbox 360 and Xbox One this autumn, and is a Kinect-only game.

This week a number of Harmonix staff took to Twitter to express their disappointment at Microsoft's decision to no longer include Kinect with every Xbox One sold.

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