Acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley released for Android

iOS version has surpassed 500,000 sales to date, developer claims

Critically acclaimed iOS title Monument Valley is now available on Android devices, its developer Ustwo has revealed.

The isometric puzzle-adventure game places its protagonist, Ida, on a floating Escher-like island and tasks her with reaching conventionally inaccessible areas.


The player does this by twisting and reshaping parts of the island, changing the perspective until Ida can access the previously unreachable section.

The game, priced at £2.49/$3.99, has already been downloaded 500,000 times on iOS, Ustwo confirmed to TechCrunch.

In CVG's Monument Valley review we scored the game a 9, praising its "charming character" and "gorgeous, dreamlike visuals".

"For the majority of the time, Monument Valley welcomes adventurers as much as theoretical physicists," we said.

"It challenges players to understand a world that resembles our own less and less, and as a reward offers amazing abstract architecture to marvel at and a Companion Cube like character that is hard to not fall in love with.

"Monument Valley is completely unique yet achieves what all conventional adventure games strive for; a mystical, bewildering adventure into the beautiful unknown."

The game can be purchased now from the Google Play store. It requires Android 2.3.3 and up.