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Killzone Shadow Fall adds Canyon multiplayer map

Arena holds precarious cliffs and gravity-distorting wells

A new gravity-distorting multiplayer map launched in Killzone Shadow Fall today, free for all players of the PS4 exclusive.

Titled "Canyon", the map takes place in the ruins of Pyrrhus on the Helghast homeworld. Players will find wide-open spaces for extended firefights and narrow routes along the map's edges for sneak attacks. The map also holds an all-new traversal mechanic in the form of strange gravity wells:

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"Consisting of anomalous spaces where the planet's gravity field is severely distorted, these wells allow players to 'fall' upwards to quickly reach different areas," according to the official description.

A Killzone Shadow Fall title update in late April added support for free DLC as well as numerous bug fixes and tweaks, including reducing challenge requirements.

Guerrilla Games released another Killzone Shadow Fall patch in early April. Aside from introducing support for the first premium Killzone Shadow Fall DLC, the title update included fixes for several campaign progression issues.

The studio updated the game to include a King of the Hill multiplayer mode in mid-April.