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Google Glass senior engineer joins Oculus VR

New hire will be 'building the metaverse' on Facebook's VR headset

A former Google employee who was a lead engineer on Google Glass has left the company to join Oculus VR.

Adrian Wong was senior hardware engineer of the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, which Google has been selling to early adopters who wish to try the new hardware out.


He was responsible for a number of duties on the Explorer Edition, including working on hardware prototypes and display subsystem design and architecture.

Wong was also hardware engineering manager of the upcoming Consumer Edition of Google Glass, responsible for working on, among other things, system architecture and product design.

Now, according to his LinkedIn page, Wong has left Google to join Oculus VR as an engineer working on the Oculus Rift hardware.

Facebook announced in March that it would acquire Oculus VR as part of a $2 billion deal.

Since then, a number of notable names have joined Oculus to work on the hardware. Days after the announcement, respected Valve programmer Michael Abrash moved to Oculus.

Shortly after this another Valve programmer, Aaron Nicholls, also left to join Oculus.

Brendan Iribe, the virtual reality firm's CEO, recently detailed his vision of building a virtual reality MMO with one billion players on the back of Facebook's network infrastructure.