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Xbox One system update rolls out

Party chat fix and Snap sound mixer added

The latest Xbox One system update is now available to download.

The update, which has been available to those signed up to the Xbox One update preview programme for the past week or so, adds new fixes and features to the console.


One of the major changes is the addition of a volume slider for Snap mode, which enables users to decide how loud or quiet each window is.

This will enable players to more easily run apps like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video alongside games without the in-game sound becoming a distraction.

Other changes include a modified system update process: whereas before the 'Get System Update' option could always be selected whether or not the console needed updating, now it will be greyed out if no update is available.

The update also addresses issues that would cause Party Chat to be quiet unless the Party App was snapped.

Additionally, it addresses issues where Game DVR clips may be recorded without audio, and also makes "OS changes required to enable planned 1405 features".

Microsoft has also added an opt-in speech data collection campaign which it will use to improve the responsiveness of voice commands using Kinect. This will be turned on in the console's Privacy & Online Safety menu.

The update follows a series of broader changes in April, including improvements to Friends and the console's user interface.