Atari will be 'a hardware brand' again in the future, says CEO

But the once-great company isn't planning to launch a new console

The CEO of Atari has shared his plans for the company as it emerges from bankruptcy, stating that he'd like to see it getting into the hardware business again.

Atari filed for bankruptcy in January 2013. In December that year, it received court approval to enact a three-year plan that would see it emerge from bankruptcy.


Now, five months later, Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais has told GamesBeat the plan is going well so far.

"Today, we have a company that is out of bankruptcy, and we are ten people working under the studio-production model," he said. "We pay attention to three things: the IP, the production, and the distribution."

Chesnais also explained his vision for the company going forward, stating that Atari is "more than a software brand, it's a hardware brand".

However, he stressed that this did not mean Atari is planning to make a new console. "I'm not talking about a new console but, like, a watch. A gamified watch. It's not what we are going to do, but think about [something like] that. Like a new type of watch is something we 'could do.' A watch, branded, where you don't have an 'ordinary' watch.

"It's a generational brand. It's a lifestyle brand. You could never do that with a brand like THQ. I mean, back in the heydays, THQ was never a lifestyle brand."

As another example of a possible future Atari product, Chesnais offered: "You have a jacket. We have a plug-in so you can power your iPhone or Android. You have a solar chip on your shoulder so that you never run out of batteries.

"Things like this. Would you buy an Atari watch? Would you buy an Atari Jacket that you could plug and repower your iPhone or whatever device you are using? I think you would."