Watch Dogs review embargo lifts on release day

Ubisoft warns of false reviews being posted online ahead of release

The Watch Dogs review embargo will lift on the day of the game's release.

The news was confirmed on the game's official Twitter account ahead of the worldwide Watch Dogs release date of May 27 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

The open-world action game went gold earlier this month after five-and-a-half years in development. It was originally planned as a PS4 and Xbox One launch window game, but in October 2013 Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs to spring 2014 due to quality concerns.

In March, a senior figure at Ubisoft Montreal told CVG the studio would have been forced to axe "several" Watch Dogs game systems had the title not been pushed back. Ubisoft's VP of creative, Lionel Raynaud, revealed that the development team even considered saving these specific systems for a Watch Dogs sequel, but ultimately decided that the additional development time required to implement them would be worthwhile.


A Wii U version of Watch Dogs is expected to launch in autumn 2014.

Watch Dogs DLC set to be included in a season pass will feature a new single-player campaign starring conspiracy theorist hacker T-Bone, as well as extra missions, weapons, and outfits for protagonist Aiden Pearce to use in the main game.

You can catch up with Aiden's friends, abilities, and open-world diversions in this nine-minute Watch Dogs 101 trailer.


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