Fable Legends will have 'a huge presence' at E3

Lionhead boss thinks Xbox One RPG is "one of the most beautiful games on the platform"

Fable Legends will have "huge presence" at E3, according to Lionhead.

Speaking at a UK press event on Monday, studio head John Needham said of the Xbox One RPG: ""Fable Legends is an exciting title that's really fun already. We're building it with Unreal Engine 4 and that combined with Xbox One has resulted in us building I think one of the most beautiful games on the platform.

"We're super busy at the studio gearing up for E3. We're going to have a huge presence there. You can come to our booth and play. "


Announced in August 2013 during Microsoft's Gamescom showcase event, Fable Legends will feature co-operative gameplay for up to four players.

Lionhead has described the launch version of Fable Legends as "season one" of the game, with plans to evolve the title over five to ten years.

Although Fable Legends will feature a strong online component, Lionhead has said it's "not an MMO" and can be played offline in single-player.

"You can play with other people in a four-player cooperative experience. Your party could be all human players, or a mix of players and AI-controlled Heroes," the studio explained last August.

"You can switch easily between single player and multiplayer styles of play whenever you decide, or when a friend signs on. During a quest, you can elect to battle a human or an AI Villain."

Legends will also include "mini-games, pub games, and similar activities", some of which may use Kinect motion controls.

Lionhead has said that Fable Legends is the "only core Fable game" in development, with no sequel to Fable 3 planned. A Fable Legends beta test is planned for 2014.


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